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I found this through the huge BLM Bundle which it was included in - thank you for supporting that cause. It is one of the few games from it that I have played and thought people would like to see the Sources and Materials I ended up with at the end of my second session (I was GM but I did not have any players so I created two characters and acted on their goals to generate these). 

First Arcanist: Joey the Blue, a sapient kangaroo with blue fur who aspires to manipulate the weather. Starting Knowledge: Rain Summoning 2, Outback Wildlife 1, Arachnid Biology 1

Second Arcanist: H8-177Y (Billy) a flying robot with an intangible lightning aura. Starting Knowledge: Aura Identification 2, Visual Illusion 1, Jovian Technology 1

School Library: Safety and Ethics for Pyromancers, Material - Pamphlet by Altham Arcanist Education Institute, Knowledge: Magical Safety 1, Magical Ethics 1, Fire Safety 1, Fire Ethics 1, Self Restraint 1. A mass produced pamphlet created by the Institute for its students to learn basic safety. 

Opening Lecture: Nurg Storm-Master lecture on safety and ethics, Material - Lecture by Nurg Storm-Master, Knowledge: Magical Safety 1, Fire Safety 1, Nurg Storm-Master 1, School Syllabus 2

Paper on Fire Safety, Essay by Joey and Billy - Knowledge: Magical Safety 2, Fire Safety 2. The result of successfully combining the pamphlet and lecture successfully while cooperating is this term paper which sets out the focus Arcanists thoughts and understanding of the topics within

Source: Altham Arcanist Educational Institute, Magic School, Spheres: Fire Magic, Orcs, Ethics. The premium school for Pyromancers located in the Orc Kingdom of Altham, other Arcanists are also welcome to study here. 

Nurg Storm-Master, Air Mage Lecturer, Sphere: Air Magic, Famous Arcanists, Safety. Nurg would rather be doing his own research than teaching the students but knows this is the best way to find new research assistants

Nurg Storm-Master's Private Library, Study of Nurg Storm-Master. Spheres: Water Magic, Air Magic, Weather, Geography. The personal collection of the Storm-Master which only his most trusted assistants have access to.

On Thunder Clouds, Material - Essay by Nurg Storm-Master, Knowledge: Thunder Summoning 3, Cloud Summoning 1, Rain Summoning 1.  A treatise on the creation of magical thunder clouds and its prerequisites

Air and Illusions, Essay by Billy, Knowledge: Audio Illusions 1, Acoustics 1, Weather 1, Jewellery 1, Music 1. An essay Billy wrote on the relationship between sound and magic in an attempt to persuade Nurg to teach him how to prevent falls. 


These are all very cool! Thanks for sharing them!